August 3, 2022, PM

Minutes for WSC Board Meeting

August 3, 2022, pm

City Hall

  1. Call to Order:  Nikki makes a motion to begin meeting at 7:37 pm, Chris seconds, ALL IN FAVOR
    1.  Attendance: Joe and Julie Bradley, Sarah Nicholas, Clint Scott, Amanda Currier, Sarah Shulz, Ray and Kim Long, and Chris and Nikki Schmitz
      1. Guests Leslie Waldrop, Kyle and Kristina Hurt, and Ryan and Lynnze Bradley
  2. Girl’s Tournament Team option
    1. Leslie Waldrop is here to represent a group of U12 girls. They would like to have a neutral, skilled coach that will take a combination of Clint’s team and Sarah’s team to go play in tournaments.
      1. Concerns
        1. Feel daughters should have same opportunity to have a tournament team as the boys in order to gain more competition
        2. Due to prior incidents, there are several girls and parents that refuse to work with another coach and they want a neutral coach for their girls
        3. Coach that will challenge the girls and build upon skill levels that the girls can build from an experienced coach
      2. Be forced to play for another club or choose another sport
    2. Clint mentioned that he could encourage his girls to go play for Sarah in tournaments but he could also take his team to a tournament(s), as well.
    3. For this season and next, we will continue with the 2 rec teams, Clint coach of one and Sarah coach of the other, and then they can bring the teams together to attend tournaments with Sarah coaching the combined team.
  1. Start of Meeting
    1. Review previous minutes
      1. Ray made a motion to approve previous minutes, Sarah N. seconds, ALL IN FAVOR
    2. Financial Reviews $37,722.63 Sarah N. makes a motion to approve financials, Nikki seconds, ALL IN FAVOR
    3. Proposed Budget
      1. Software
        1. Sarah N. makes a motion to switch to QuickBooks at approximately $25/month ($300/year) for financials, Sarah S. seconds, ALL IN FAVOR
      2. Budget Proposal
        1. Ref fees change to $28,000
        2. QuickBooks $300
        3. OSA $9,000
        4. Sphere (fees for transaction in GotSport)- $9,000
        5. Field equipment $13,000
          1. Go in with high school to get some goals
        6. Concessions $6,000
          1. Wanting to open concession during all festival games, tournaments, and during Futsal games
          2. Have Lynnze Bradley run the concession stand and Sara Shulz will help
        7. More to come to and approval will be voted on
  2. Balances to be reviewed
    1. Balances
      1. GotSport -$1,644 for registration, $1,650 for tournament for a total of  $3,294
        1. Tournament should be $825 because of a “dummy” registration created. Joe will reach out to rectify this
    2. Refunds
      1. Kennady MakesCry’s mom requested a refund because she is going to competitive
        1. Joe will send a message for them to have them plead their case and we will vote after that.
    3. Field Painting payment
      1. Sarah makes a motion to pay Jay ? for 1 hour and Jaden Bradley for 3 hours painting fields, Nikki Seconds
      2. Hire Jay to paint and Braden Hinton and Joe Bradley will help as they can
      3. Ray makes a motion for a newspaper ad and radio advertisement thanking the city and Jay and an Amazon gift card for $100 (plus a horn), Sarah N. seconds, ALL IN FAVOR
    4. Futsal Ref Coordinator Payment
      1. Nikki makes a motion to pay Amanda $600 for the Futsal season, Clint seconds, ALL IN FAVOR
  3. Building Committees 
    1. Dispute/Grievance Committee
      1. Julie Bradley, Sarah Nicholas and Kim Long
    2. Coaching
      1. Clint Scott, Petra Se, Shamus Moore and Joe Bradley
    3. Field Work
      1. Chris and Nikki Schmitz
    4. Tournament
      1. Sarah Nicholas
    5. Futsal (to have someone out there every night)
      1. Ray Long, Chris Schmitz, and Joe Bradley
    6. Donations
      1. Jonathan Berrong, Clint Scott, Sarah Shulz, Kim Long, and Amanda Currier
  4. Futsal
    1. Review
      1. Requests to keep the facility open longer
    2. Future Dates
      1. Winter Season 1 Nov.-Dec
      2. Winter Season 2 Jan.-Feb.
    3. Tournaments
      1. Play 6 games in season and then end of season tournament in December
    4. Rules
      1. Amanda will write the rules and will create a handout to have ready at next meeting
  5. Field Work
    1. August 14 is field work day
    2. Ray makes a motion to order new nets, clips and flags for approximately $800, Sarah N. seconds, ALL IN FAVOR
    3. Holes on field to fill in
      1. Fields A, B and C
      2. Need filled before August 11
    4. Improvements/additions
      1. Goals (fold-a-goal), 4 flat, 2 portable and 1 full size goal for field 2
  6. Fall 2022
    1. Schedule
      1. Each club will schedule their own games. Teams need to be submitted the Friday before the festival weekend
    2. In-house
      1. 4 games per age group 
      2. Try to get a couple of in house games before the tournament (Sept. 17)
    3. In-Person Registration
      1. August 31
    4. Sept. 7- Coaches’ meeting and board meeting
    5. Photographer
      1. Steven Wheeler
        1. Get prices and club will pay him to come take pictures (mainly tournaments) then parents can get online and save as many pictures as they want
  7. Tournaments
    1. Rules
    2. Field Marshals
      1. Need to have members out there during festivals and tournaments
  8. Education Courses
    1. Referee
      1. Referee Assignor
        1. Amanda is working on getting refs certified
        2. Sarah N. makes a motion to reimburse Riley Taylor $75 for his certification, Ray seconds, ALL IN FAVOR
        3. Communicate with the kids to go to learning.ussoccer and make a profile and do safe sport certification
    2. Coaches
      1. Background, safe sport and concussion MUST be completed by all coaches
  9. Website
    1. App
      1. Need to change the link for WSC Programs
  10. Safety/Facility Coordinator
    1. Goals need anchored
    2. Signs stating not to hang on goals
  11. OneOk Donation
    1. If under $5,000, the board did not need to meet but if it is over $5,000 the board will need to meet quarterly
      1. Would like to get more lights to finish the east side
  12. Adjournment
    1. Nikki makes a motion to adjourn at 12:01, Chris seconds, ALL IN FAVOR

Next meeting Sept. 7, 2022 at City Hall

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