April 6, 2022, 7:30 pm

Minutes for WSC Board Meeting

April 6, 2022, 7:30 pm

City Hall

  1. Call to Order:  Nikki makes a motion to begin meeting at 7:42 pm, Chris seconds, ALL IN FAVOR
    1.  Attendance: Joe Bradley, Jonathan Berrong, Nolan and Emily Wallace, Clint Scott, Kim Long, Sarah Nicholas, Sarah Shulz, Petra Se, Shamus Moore and Chris and Nikki Schmitz
      1. Guest Amanda Currier, Ryan Bradley, Kyle Hurt and Tisha TallBear
  1. Start of Meeting
    1. Review of previous minutes
      1. Petra makes a motion to approve previous minutes, Dustin seconds, ALL IN FAVOR
    2. Financial Review
      1. Current Balance $35,053.71
        1. Expenditures
          1. Referee fees
          2. Trophies/medals
  2. Balances to be reviewed
    1. Balances
      1. 66 ink- $3,405.50
      2. Banners- $744.56
        1. Nikki makes a motion to approve paying Jonathan $744.56 for banner reimbursement, Sarah S. second, ALL IN FAVOR
      3. OSA- paid in full
      4. Field painting (Joe 6 hours)
        1. Chris makes a motion to pay Joe $120, Clint seconds, ALL IN FAVOR
      5. Tautfest Banner
        1. We will pay for 2 signs ($120 each) and a banner in return for a refrigerator for the ref house
    2. 501c3 status-Filing/Audit
      1. Checking into using Merryman CPA
  1. Spring 2022 Season
    1. April 9 at Clinton
    2. April 16th in house
      1. Nol’s will be there
      2. Field set up
        1. Flags out and fields signs set up
    3. April 23- tournament day
      1. WSC set up concession stand
        1. Order food from Sam’s
        2. We will set up a sign-up sheet for times to work concession
    4. End of Season Tournament April 22, 23, 24
      1. Field Marshalls- times
      2. Field set up
        1. Goals/Nets need fixed
        2. Signs- field #s
        3. Trash cans need to be moved near exit points and secured
        4. Flags
      3. Field Marshalls-times
      4. Field Set up
        1. Flags and signs set up on Thursday
      5. Game set up
        1. Pool play for U8s
        2. Top teams will advance to finals
        3. U6 is Co-ed
    5. Tournament T-shirt
      1. Print and logo for tournament- order ahead and receive at tournament
    6. Photographer
      1. Would like to have Steven Wheeler a photographer to take team and action shots to order
    7. Rules
      1. Wins- most wins in bracket, goal differential, head-to-head, goals for, goals against advances
        1. For disputes, we will review as needed and board will vote and make a decision for no fee
      2. Have rules posted on website
      3. U6 and U8- all kicks are indirect
      4. Make sure the referees are checking rosters at least at the first game of the tournament
      5. Follow US soccer rules
    8. Weather
      1. Lightning will delay games
  1. Fall 2022
    1. Games
      1. Weatherford supplies the majority of teams, so games will be held in Weatherford. We will have an in-house schedule and Clinton and Elk City can have open days that we can go there to play extra games
    2. Invitational Tournament
      1. Weekend of Sept. 23, 24, 25th
        1. U6 and up
        2. Deadline- Sept. 14th
  1. Fall registration
    1. Fees and deadlines
      1. Deadline to register is Aug. 24, hard deadline (late fee $25) Aug. 31st
    2. Festival dates
      1. October 8, 15 and 29th in house
  1. Coach Education
    1. Obtaining and retaining coaches
      1. Purchase equipment for coaches
        1. To be discussed at next meeting
  1. Referee
    1. Obtaining and retaining referees
      1. Ideas to obtain and retain referees
        1. Hold a class on a Saturday to get the trained
    2. Amanda Currier will work with Emily to learn the position and decide if she wants to become the referee assignor
  1. Academy and Competitive Teams
    1. Registration fee
      1. $150
    2. Team account
      1. Team and coach responsible as far as coaching fees and/or tournament fees
    3. Uniforms and logo
      1. Sarah N makes a motion to accept $150 registration fee for Academy and Competitive teams and to have the same uniforms as the tournament teams in recreational league, Chris seconds, ALL IN FAVOR
  1. Website
    1. Need to add sponsors to website
  1. Improvements/additions
    1. Playset and benches
      1. Propose to the City to purchase a play set with benches and a fence
    2. Gator or golf cart
      1. Ask for a gator or 2 for our complex
    3. Lights
      1. Joe talked to Mike about getting lights adjusted and he said that the trucks that can reach them are all broken down right now
  2. Futsal
    1. We are only 1 of 4 cities with futsal registration
    2. Futsal goals and balls
      1. 4 Goals (fold a goal)
        1. 4 Futsal- $3090 ($1545 per pair)
        2. 4 flat (rebounders)- $485 each
        3. 2 portable – $800/pair
        4. 1 full size goal for field 2 (portable fold a goal) $3500 for a pair
    3. Games
      1. 8 games starting June 1
      2. Let teams decide and get their own jerseys
    4. Fees
      1. Registration-
        1.  $45/child player, late $25
        2. $65/adult player, late $25
          1. Nikki makes a motion to approve above fees for Futsal registration, Chris seconds, ALL IN FAVOR
      2. Referees
    5. By-laws, mission statement
      1. Go off of OSA and FIFA
        1. Need to integrate into our by-laws
      2. We need to send $75 to OSA and the by-laws
  1. Top Soccer
    1. Need to identify goals in colors 
    2. Have enough balls and targets
    3. Need to have enough help
  1. Adjournment- Nikki makes a motion to adjourn at 10:51, Kim seconds, ALL IN FAVOR 

Next meeting May 4th, 7:30pm at City Hall

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