Board Meeting Minutes: November 1, 2023, 8:00PM

Minutes for WSC Board Meeting

November 1, 2023, 8:00 pm

City Hall

  1. Call to Order: Nikki makes a motion to start the meeting at 7:59 pm, Skylar seconds, ALL IN FAVOR
    1. Attendance: Joe and Julie Bradley, Ray and Kim Long, Chris and Nikki Schmitz, Gabe Ferrell, Dustin Michaels, Jonathan Rainey, Chase Hunsicker, Amanda Currier, Erin Hinton and Skylar Rigsby
    2. Previous Minutes
      1. Skylar makes a motion to approve previous minutes, Jonathan seconds, ALL IN FAVOR
    3. Financial Reviews
      1. Balance $4,5097.63
        1. Outstanding balances
          1. OSA- $20
          2. GotSport -$135
          3. 66 Ink- $214 + $226= $440
            1. Nikki motion to pay 66 Ink $440, Kim seconds, ALL IN FAVOR
          4. Amanda
            1. Ray makes a motion to pay Amanda $1,100 for fall rec and competitive ref assigning (including high school boys through February) Nikki seconds, ALL IN FAVOR
  2. TOPSoccer
    1. Schedule
      1. 11/3- session 2
      2. 11/10- session 3
      3. 11/17- session 4
    2. Volunteers
      1. 1-2 volunteers per participant is preferred
      2. Jonathan mentioned getting donations for Taco Bell or Sonic gift card if needed
  3. Fundraiser and Capital Improvement Projects
    1. Whataburger Night
      1. They are wanting to donate food for different things
    2. Donations
      1. Sidewalk
        1. Drew wants us to pay for concrete, but he will do the work for free
        2. We need to get an itemized amount
      2. Tito’s Roofing
        1. Donating water and wants to donate more
      3. Concession fundraiser
        1. If any competitive team want to run concession as a fundraiser, they can but they are responsible for all the things
  4. Referee
    1. Referee Pay
      1. Chris makes a motion to change the Futsal ref pay from $25 to $20 for all age groups, Ray seconds, Julie, Nikki, Jonathan, Skylar, Kim, Dustin, Gabe and Chase IN FAVOR, Erin opposed
    2. Scheduling Referees
      1. Send /Call schedules early to certain refs to get competitive refs scheduled ahead of time
    3. Rewarding referees
      1. They will get higher paying games
    4. Professionalism
      1. Dress in the correct ref attire and look professional
  5. Recreational
    1. Future Festivals
      1. Review
        1. Had some bad experiences at one of the festivals in another team. Open to solutions
      2. Academy
        1. Spring season will be beginning soon
        2. No tryouts, if team registers again, then team is together
        3. Will have to register and pay
      3. Recreational
        1. Lottery/no suggestions
        2. Keep teams together from fall, if they all return
      4. Uniform ordering
        1. Take our jersey inventory to 66 Ink
          1. Jerseys will be ordered directly through 66 Ink
      5. Academy/Recreational separate or combined
        1. Ray makes a motion to keep academy and recreational separate, Chris seconds, Kim, Dustin, Chase and Julie IN FAVOR, Erin and Jonathan opposed
      6. Registration
        1. Fees
          1. Recreational- $60 registration/$40 late fee
          2. Academy- $75, no late registration
  6. U6 Games
    1. End of season games Thursday
      1. 10-minute halves
      2. Will use medals that we have left over from tournament
  7. Futsal Winter 1 and 2
    1. Updates
      1. Open League
        1. Open play up to Thanksgiving and then teams and games start after Thanksgiving
          1. Open nights
            1. Monday U4-U8 – Joe, Julie and Amanda
            2. Tuesday U10-U14- Chris, Ray, and Erin
            3. Thursday U15 and up- Jonathan and Dustin
            4. Split into proper age groups, first team to score rotates off and new one rotates on
              1. Gabe makes a motion to purchase pennies and a pump ($200 for targets, $50 for pump, $400 for balls), Gabe seconds, ALL IN FAVOR
    2. Complaints
      1. If people are complaining, come to meetings and get involved
    3. Player recognition
      1. Continue doing the player recognition where the coach picks the player from the other team
  8. Coaching Education
    1. MBP
      1. If you haven’t gotten on, get on quick because you will lose the free year
  9. Competitive/Academy
    1. Coaches’ Meeting
      1. Continue Sunday night meetings
    2. ODP
      1. Nov. 5 in MWC at 6:00 pm
    3. Uniforms- Forever Faith
      1. Store is open and orders will be placed when there are enough orders
      2. New logo on uniforms going forward
    4. Scheduling and field availability
      1. Text Shamus, Joe and Amanda
  10. Next meeting will be December 6th.

Adjournment- Nikki makes a motion to adjourn at 10:15, Dustin seconds, ALL IN FAVOR

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