December 6,2023, 8:00 PM

Minutes for WSC Board Meeting

December 6, 2023, 8:00 pm

City Hall

  1. Call to Order: Nikki makes a motion to start the meeting at 7:39 pm, Dustin seconds, ALL IN FAVOR
    1. Attendance: Joe Bradley, Ray and Kim Long, Chris and Nikki Schmitz, Shamus Moore, Gabe Ferrell, Dustin Michaels, Jonathan Rainey, Chase Hunsicker, Amanda Currier, Jonathan Rainey, and Skylar Rigsby
      1. Guests: Randa Castleberry and Chandler Stone
    2. Financial Reviews
      1. Balance $43,635.97
        1. Outstanding balances
          1. OSA- $200
          2. GotSport -$360
          3. Rick Payne, CPA- $550. 2022 Taxes
            1. Skylar makes a motion to pay Rick Payne $550 for 2022 Taxes, Shamus seconds, ALL IN FAVOR
          4. Amanda
            1. Nikki makes a motion to pay Amanda $400 for futsal season, Ray seconds, ALL IN FAVOR
          5. Drew (sidewalk)
            1. Skylar makes a motion to pay Drew for the concrete/sidewalk, Gabe seconds, ALL IN FAVOR
    3. Previous Minutes
      1. Chris makes a motion to approve previous minutes, Ray seconds, ALL IN FAVOR
  2. TOPSoccer-
    1. Schedule
      1. Dates
        1. March 2nd, March 8th, April 12th, April 19th
      2. Things needed
        1. Melissa may step back in to help get participants
        2. Big soccer ball?
        3. Add to registration a place to enter shirt sizes for uniforms?
        4. Coordinate proposed schedule with melissa to avoid conflict with Special Olympics RT 66 Thunder
    2. Volunteers
    3. Items to purchase
      1. Name badges
  3. Recreational
    1. Dates
      1. March 2nd– In house
      2. March 9th – Weatherford festival
      3. April 13th- Elk or Clinton festival
      4. April 20th– Elk or Clinton festival
      5. April 27th– End of Season Tournament
    2. Recreational Lottery/No suggestions
      1. Fall and spring
    3. Uniforms
      1. 66 Ink will receive orders via a link
    4. Registration cost
      1. $65
    5. Open play (start in summer/fall or end of spring season)
      1. Hold an open play event in February before teams are built
      2. Gets the word out
      3. Certain age groups per night and have them play
  4. Fundraiser and capital improvement projects
    1. Sidewalk
      1. Sidewalk will be finished Dec 7
      2. Drew is leaving a load of dirt to use to fill holes
    2. Sherwin Williams
      1. Will be getting black paint for fences
    3. Braums
      1. Skylar is checking to see if he can get coupons
    4. Signs
      1. Fold out signs with all sponsors
      2. Nets to divide court
  5. Referee
    1. Futsal
      1. Refs for U6-U14
      2. No refs for adults
    2. Academy/Competitive
      1. Academy is finished
      2. 1 competitive game on the 10th, maybe
      3. U19 Competitive have a game on the 16th or 17th
    3. Mentor Program
      1. Ref from Chickasha is willing to maybe come help mentor younger referees and use our older refs
        1. Let them AR but pay them as a center so they can give feedback to the center
    4. Evaluations
      1. Complete the evaluation via the link
    5. Pay
      1. Competitive is based off what other clubs pay
      2. Recreational- comparable to Elk and Clinton
    6. Rewarding Referees
      1. Monthly reward for doing well?
    7. Professionalism
      1. Correct gear and worn properly
      2. Moving around not sitting at score clock (futsal)
  6. U6 games
    1. Continue like we did in the fall
    2. End of season event like before, maybe get medals or mini trophies
  7. Futsal
    1. Registration
      1. 202 registrations
    2. Complaints to address
      1. Targets need washed
      2. People are wearing their targets out the door
  8. Coaching Education
    1. Competitive meetings
      1. Postpone until January 21
    2. Hybrid coaching session
      1. Adam Kenes may come out the Monday after January 21 (Jan. 22)
    3. Coaches/Board Spotlight
  9. Competitive/Academy
    1. Spring Competitive Season
      1. Deadline to submit teams is January 5, opens December 13
      2. Feb. 13 is finalized schedule
      3. Feb. 24 season kicks off
      4. May 12 final day for spring games
    2. Adding new players
      1. Have players come to a training session or two before including on the team
    3. Uniforms
      1. Store is open through Forever Faith and things should arrive faster
      2. Get a list of jerseys and/or numbers and turnaround time is a couple of weeks
      3. Discussed getting different dark jerseys for next year
    4. U11 Boys
      1. Paco (Franko Zatarain) and Chase Hunsicker will be the new coaches of the U11 boys competitive team
    5. Schedule
      1. U19 boys still have some games to play for their extended season
    6. Camera/Tripod
      1. Revisit
    7. Tryouts
      1. May 10 or May 17?
    8. Scheduling
      1. Due to scheduling conflicts, some teams may not want to participate in OPL or Academy League and attend tournaments instead
      2. Academy
        1. Registration opens Dec. 5 and closes Jan. 26
        2. February 21 is finalized schedule
        3. May 19 is final date for games
    9. Registering
      1. If registering a kid from a club outside of Weatherford, they must be released from the other club in good standing for us to take them. Bad standing is if they owe fees.
      2. If they are US Club soccer, they can register with WSC too
  10. Adjournment
    1. Gabe makes a motion to adjourn at 10:40, Shamus seconds, ALL IN FAVOR

Next meeting January 3 at 7:30

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