December 7, 2022, 7:30 pm

Minutes for WSC Board Meeting

December 7, 2022, 7:30 pm

City Hall

  1. Call to Order:  Nikki makes a motion to begin meeting at 7:37 pm, Chris seconds, ALL IN FAVOR
    1.  Attendance: Joe  and Julie Bradley, Amanda Currier, Kim Long, Shamus Moore, Skylar Rigsby, Dustin Michaels, Sarah Nicholas, and Chris and Nikki Schmitz
      1. Guests: Jordyn Cotter
  2. Start of Meeting
    1. Review previous minutes
    2. Financial review
      1. Current balance $29,658.87
        1. November credit $2,400 for registration
          1. debit of $1,030 for ref fees plus internet and other fees, net gain of $544.73
      2. Skylar makes a motion to approve financials, Chris seconds, ALL IN FAVOR
    3. Outstanding Balances
      1. GotSport- $150
  3. TOPSoccer
    1. Clinic 9:00-12:00, practice/games 1:00-3:00
      1. Inform parents of what it is about and show them real life scenarios
    2. Volunteers
      1. 19 participants and 18 volunteers
    3. Future
      1. Host some clinics in the spring and maybe do some festivals a couple of times a year depending on how things go
  4. Committee Status
    1. Dispute
      1. Nothing new at this point
    2. Safety
    3. Donations
  5. Website/Communication
    1. Brochures
      1. Print 4,000 generic brochures for advertisement of all WSC activities including outdoor, Futsal, TopSoccer and ref/coaching programs with QR code to lead to website
    2. Update scheduling
      1. Put deadlines for programs and information for different programs
    3. Field map for field 2
      1. Jonathon is working on putting this on the site
    4. Communication
      1. Link all mediums together
    5. Posting pictures
      1. Sarah will get Joe the thumb drive
    6. GotSport
      1. Any issues accessing?
        1. Need to add Sarah as a user
  6. Referee
    1. Assignor
      1. Amanda is a certified assignor now
        1. Nikki makes a motion to approve reimbursing Amanda $75 for certification, Sarah seconds, ALL IN FAVOR
  7. Competitive
    1. Update
      1. 4 games left to make up between now and February
      2. Lost 2 games so far and are 3rd in the league
      3. Lost one player from Clinton and gained a new one from Woodward
    2. January teams
      1. U12 boys looking at going competitive
        1. Roster must stay the same but can guest play
        2. Concerns of financial burden on kids
          1. Registration fee should be $75 since it is halfway through the year
      2. Need to have decision made asap
    3. Tryouts
      1. June 2nd & 3rd hold tryouts
  1. Recreational
    1. 49% retention rule for teams
      1. If this amount doesn’t return then there will be a new team
    2. Registration- not allowed to select coach or peers
    3. Schedule
    4. Playing kids out of age groups
      1. Players that want to play up an age groups needs to be approved by board
    5. Player ID practice
      1. March 7 &/or 8th (U10 and up)
      2. Coaches do evaluations from forms provided
        1. Small-sided games
      3. Like to have feedback for the kids after all information is gathered
    6. Spring Season
      1. Tentative dates March 25, April 1, April 15, April 22 and April 29 (end of season tournament)
  2. Academy
    1. Spring Season
      1. Mondays and Tuesdays
      2. Allows coaches to not have to worry about coaching and planning but can jump in and help
    2. U8 girls, U8 boys, U10 girls, U10 boys
  3. Futsal Winter 1 and 2
    1. Tournament Feb. 10
      1. T-shirts for champions
      2. Concessions
    2. Update and things going good
      1. Some people are wanting scores put in but we aren’t
    3. MVP
      1. Positive feedback
      2. Carry it over to outdoor
    4. Coordinator
      1. Still have some slots that need to be filled for opening and closing
    5. Promoting
      1. WDN will advertise for outdoor, futsal and upcoming TOPSoccer and information $50 for a month or 2
    6. Refund
      1. Tiffany SittingBear requested a refund due to it being a form of punishment for the child
        1. Shamus makes a motion to carry over the fee to the second Futsal season, Sarah seconds, ALL IN FAVOR
    7. Scholarship
      1. One scholarship request for a girl
        1. Nikki makes a motion to approve scholarship, Shamus seconds, ALL IN FAVOR
    8. Rules
  1.  State Tournament
    1. June 9th-11th and June 23rd-25th
    2. Field setup
      1. Would need to use the flag football fields near the baseball fields
    3. Hotel/Motel tax request if we host
    4. Field Marshals
      1. 1 for every 4 fields (5-6 per hour)
    5. Concession
      1. Highschool, small concession and Futsal building
    6. Support staff and volunteers
      1. 20-30 people
    7. Crosswalks, port-a-pottys, trash, food trucks
  1. New Business
    1. Sarah would like lights in the parking lot

Adjournment- Nikki makes a motion to adjourn at 9:54 , Shamus seconds, ALL IN FAVOR

Next meeting January 4 at 7:30

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