February 8, 2023, 8:00 pm

Minutes for WSC Board Meeting

February 8, 2023, 8:00 pm

City Hall

  1. Call to Order:  Nikki makes a motion to begin meeting at 7:39 pm, Skylar seconds, ALL IN FAVOR
    1.  Attendance: Joe and Julie Bradley, Shamus Moore, Dustin Michaels, Jonathan Rainey, Skylar Rigsby, Ray and Kim Long, Sarah Nicholas, Gabe Ferrell, Amanda Currier and Chris and Nikki Schmitz
      1. Guests
        1. Brent Glover, Reggy Yount, Kyle Hurt and Clint Scott
  2. Start of Meeting
    1. Financial review
      1. Current balance $40,621.93 (Previously $35,109.51)
        1. $7,280 in registration
        2. Paid $129 for GotSport
        3. $200 for competitive team has not come out yet
        4. $125 bill for Rick Payne accountant for 1099
          1. Nikki makes a motion to pay Rick Payne approximately $300 for accounting fees, Sarah seconds, ALL IN FAVOR
      2. OSA
        1. Will be billed monthly and will have a due date
        2. Skylar makes a motion to approve financials, Shamus seconds, ALL IN FAVOR
      3. Outstanding balances
        1. Ref fees 
        2. 66 Ink will be coming up
    2. Review previous minutes
      1. Skylar makes amotion to approve previous minutes, Dustin seconds, ALL IN FAVOR
  3. TOPSoccer
    1. Schedule
      1. March 31, April 13, April 28 and May 12
        1. These are Fridays and one Thursday running for about an hour
    2. Volunteers
      1. Will need lots of volunteers
    3. Grants
      1. Amanda and Dustin will look into grants for TOPSoccer 
    4. Partnership with YMCA
      1. Brent mentions partnering with the YMCA since they do the same thing.
  4. Website
    1. Text
      1. Send texts to people in the community for $30
      2. Sarah makes a motion to approve the $30 for texts, Skylar seconds, ALL IN FAVOR
    2. Brochures
      1. Continue using. Will send out again in May
    3. Web layout
      1. Organize by category to make more efficient
      2. Sarah mentions adding a link for the app
    4. Coaching Education
      1. Drills
      2. Sportsmanship
    5. Communication
      1. Working on linking all social media platforms together
    6. Posting pictures
      1. Sarah has a zip drive with ½ the photos from Wheeler. Will get another one with the rest
    7. GotSport
      1. When having issues, clearing history/cache/cookies usually fixes the issue
  1. Committee Status
    1. Nothing new at this time
  1. Committee status
    1. Donations
      1. Seek out lots of businesses for donations for food and money
        1. Brent Glover will help any way possible with sponsors and donations
      2. Sarah makes motion to nominate Jonathan Rainey as Head of Donor Promotions and Skylar as assistant donor of promotions, Chris seconds, ALL IN FAVOR
    2. Facility
      1. Need crosswalks and speedbumps
    3. 4v4 tournaments between festivals
  2. AGM OSA meeting
    1. Adult State Cup
      1. Wanting to bring this back (1-2 per club)
        1. 7v7 on U10 field
    2. Referee
      1. Webinars- fill up very quickly
    3. Coaches
      1. OSA will have Adam do zoom meetings for coaching education of specific topics
  3. Coaching 
    1. Coaching education
      1. Focus on age-appropriate drills and ideas
      2. Help younger coaches
      3. Goal is to make better coaches
    2. Survey
      1. Sarah will create a survey to check in with coaches and check preferences for different things
      2. Send out survey now and have feedback by Feb. 24
  4. Referee
    1. Assignor
      1. Course is February 16
    2. Ref Clinic
      1. In-house ref clinic for refs under 13
  5. Competitive
    1. Camp
      1. ID camp if we want
    2. Tryouts
      1. Possibly May 12 and 13th
  6. Recreational
    1. Retention
      1. 49% retention of eligible players to maintain team or it will be dispersed
    2. Coach selection
      1. No longer an option on registration
    3. Registration
      1. In-person registration Monday, February 13 at the Futsal building
    4. Schedule
      1. Weatherford April 1
      2. In-house: April 8 (if can’t play, then will forfeit game)
      3. Clinton: April 15
      4. Elk City: April 22
      5. End of Season: April 29
        1. Medals
          1. Sarah makes a motion to approve purchasing $2,000 worth of medals, 
        2. Concession
          1. Skylar makes a motion to approve spending about $1,100 on concession food from Sam’s, Shamus seconds, ALL IN FAVOR
          2. Ray makes a motion to approve spending $6,000 on concession for the season, Nikki seconds, ALL IN FAVOR
        3. Field prep
          1. Field 2 moveable goals
            1. Needing to get 3 sets
              1. Order new ones if we can find them, if not, we may see if we can use some from Clinton
          2. Materials
            1. Replace flags as needed
            2. Nikki makes a motion to purchase tape measures for $150, Sarah seconds, ALL IN FAVOR
        4. Promotion
          1. Ways to promote the tournament
        5. Teams
          1. Open tournament up to surrounding towns (Woodward, Harrah, El Reno, Altus)
    5. Attendance
      1. Each team will automatically attend the festivals unless they let us know that they are opting out
    6. Coaches’ Meeting
      1. February 28 at Futsal building at 7:30
  7. Academy
    1. Academy nights begin March 7th (U8) and March 8th (U10)
      1. Joe will send out emails to inform
  8. Futsal
    1. Referees
      1. Coaches/Parents ref own games U7 to U14
      2. U15+ need referee
    2. Concession
      1. Caywood set up sign ups
    3. Scorekeeper
      1. Have a parent or coach keep score
  9. Adjournment 

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