January 11, 2022 7:00 pm

Minutes for WSC Board Meeting

January 11, 2022 7:00 pm

City Hall

  1. Call to Order:  Joe makes a motion to begin meeting at 7:12 pm, Nikki seconds, ALL IN FAVOR
    1. Attendance: Clint Scott, Petra Se, Emily Wallace, Sarah Nicholas Shamus Moore, Sarah Shulz, Ray and Kim Long, Chris and Nikki Schmitz and guest Dustin Michaels
  1. Spring Season Preparation
    1. Banners– Hang banners Saturday at 9:00 am.
      1. 5 banners
    2. Field Prep
      1. Mark lines and possibly paint fields
    3. Soccer Registration
      1. Deliver to Hydro, Thomas, Ft. Cobb, Watonga
      2. In person registration Jan. 21 6:00-7:00
      3. Build teams Jan. 27 at 6:00 (each person will be assigned an age group to call/find coaches) 
    4. Coaches’ Meeting
      1. Feb. 2nd at 7:00 with board meeting to follow
    5. Schedule
      1. Weatherford is scheduling games this spring
        1. There will be a max out score of 6 point differential
          1. They can keep playing afterwards but the score will stop at the 6 point differential
  1.  Training
    1. Goalie Training
      1. Hunter Pagliosotti would like to set up goalie training sessions to work with goalies
  1. Teams
    1. Academy falls under recreation- expected to get 50% of playing time

Each board member is a representative for their team’s age group

Meet weekly to help practice

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