June 7, 2023, 7:30 pm

Minutes for WSC Board Meeting

June 7, 2023, 7:30 pm

City Hall

  1. Annual Voting
    1. Voting Results- Chris makes a motion to approve the following board positions, Kim seconds, ALL IN FAVOR
      1. Vice President- Ray Long
      2. Treasurer- Kim Long
      3. Secretary- Nikki Schmitz
      4. Registrar- Chris Schmitz
      5. DOC & P- Shamus Moore
      6. Director of Referees- Amanda Currier
      7. Referee Assignor- Amanda Currier
      8. Fundraising Strategist- Skylar Rigsby
      9. Social Media- Jonathan Berrong?
      10. Risk & Safety- Chase Hunsicker
      11. Concession Coordinator- Gabe Ferrell
      12. Scheduling and Event Planning- Dusting Michaels
      13. Academy Coordinator- Julie Bradley
      14. U4-U6 Coordinator- Cole Huber
      15. At Large Members- Tyler Smith, Clint Scott, Erin Hinton
      16. Communications (non-voting)- Jonathan Berrong
  1. Call to Order: Nikki makes a motion to start the meeting at 7:53, Skylar seconds, ALL IN FAVOR
    1. Attendance: Joe and Julie Bradley, Shamus Moore, Jonathan Rainey, Clint Scott, Skylar Rigsby, Dustin Michaels, Jonathan Berrong, Amanda Currier, Erin Hinton, Gabe Ferrell, Ray and Kim Long, Chris and Nikki Schmitz
      1. Guests: Ryan Bradley, Chase Hunsicker, Brent Glover and Nikki Noa
  2. Start of Meeting
    1. Previous Minutes- Ray makes a motion to amend the previous minutes to not purchase Techne and Mojo apps and put the money towards uniforms and other expenses, Skylar seconds, ALL IN FAVOR
      1. Dustin makes a motion to approve previous minutes, Erin seconds, ALL IN FAVOR
    2. Financial Reviews
      1. Current balance- $44,768.13
      2. Expenses- $2,228.95 concession, $4,735 refs, $1,110 on field painting
        1. Nikki makes a motion to approve financials, Shamus seconds, ALL IN FAVOR
    3. Outstanding balances
      1. $990 GotSport- Tournament registrations
      2. $215 OSA
        1. Skylar makes a motion to pay Joe for 3.5 hours’ worth of painting, Shamus seconds, ALL IN FAVOR
  1. TOPSoccer
    1. Schedule
      1. Will discuss at a later board meeting
    2. Volunteers
      1. We need more volunteers
    3. Receipts for reimbursement
      1. Need to reimburse Melissa but so far, she has not given any receipts
  2. Website/Communication
    1. 15,000 impressions in last 28 days and is down 14%
    2. Close to 400 clicks
    3. Promoting sponsors on website
  3. Fundraising and capital improvement projects
    1. New banners need to order
      1. Some older banners need to be replaced
    2. Hats
      1. Skylar purchased hats for board members. Would like to have them to sell at the fields
  4. Setup for upcoming tournament
    1. Red Polo Shirts
      1. Wear the shirts during the tournaments
    2. Painting fields
      1. Joe will be painting fields 3,4,5, 13, A, B, C
    3. Anchoring goals and sandbags
      1. U10 and U12 need 2 bags on the corner, U6 and U8 can use one bag
    4. Setting out corner flags, signs and secure banners
      1. Set out on Friday
    5. Food (Pork butt)
      1. Jonathan will get 3 pork butts and smoke them
    6. Golf carts
      1. Jonathan will get some Friday
    7. Tents
      1. One big tent behind field 3
    8. Promotional items
      1. Ready for pickup at 66 Ink
  5. Referee
    1. Ref Course
      1. One will be held in June or July
    2. Tournament
      1. Dave Moore sent out an email to those that he has refereeing
  1. Futsal
    1. Nikki makes a motion to pay $600 to Amanda for the futsal season, Shamus seconds, ALL IN FAVOR
  2. Coaching Education
    1. United Soccer Coaching Foundation 1, 2, 3 ($50/participant)
      1. Hold course at the beginning of August
        1. Would like to host a course to get D license
  3. Recreational
    1. Schedule
      1. September 16, 30 and October 21 and 28
        1. Table the discussion about changing the format
  4. Academy
    1. Julie and Chase have 2-U8 teams and one U10 team
    2. Practices
      1. Do we want to coordinate together? For example, set it up like in the past.
    3. Schedule
      1. 4 games home and 4 games away beginning in August is the ideal situation
    4. Parent Meeting
      1. Hold parent meetings soon and maybe start end of July or August
  5. Futsal
    1. Refs
      1. Encourage refs to go read the rules
        1. Call fouls and move to the middle of the court
    2. Players of the Week
      1. Certificates and Lucille’s gift certificate
        1. Dustin will help get this done
  6. U12 and U13 Agenda
    1. Donations
      1. Have a parent meeting and see what the parents want to do with the money and go from there
        1. Suggestions: Let the girls that earned the money use it for registration, donate to the club, donate to TOPSoccer, etc. and let the board know ASAP
  7. Coach and Parent Behavior
    1. Coach conduct
      1. Recognize the moment and back off
    2. Sideline Conduct
      1. Must follow the rules
    3. Verbal Warning for Coaches
      1. Issued tonight, standard has been set from past
      2. Referee and/or player abuse will not be tolerated
      3. Keep players and parents in check
      4. Let one coach be the voice during games
      5. Coach sets the tone for player behavior and parent behavior
      6. Get ref director involved or stop the game if it is getting out of hand
  8. Competitive
    1. Update
      1. High school boys- 2-2009 to 2005 age group
      2. High school girls- had around 10 (2009-2007)
      3. U15 Boys- 2011-2009
        1. Club pass some 2012s or 2011s from the lower group to play in a U14 tournament- Skylar said that was fine if we worked it out with him ahead of time
      4. U12 Boys- 2011-2012- full roster
        1. The 2 kids that are practice only, they can register rec and club pass, as needed
      5. U13- 2010/11- 15; 2012/13 Girls- team, as well
      6. U12 Boys- 15-16 rostered
    2. Confirmed for registration commitments
      1. Possibly do a supplemental tryout to help fill spots
    3. Submitting for competitive registration
      1. Team submission is due by the end of August
    4. Cost
      1. $200 registration fee
        1. Can add payment plan if absolutely necessary
          1. 2 payments -July 1st and August 1st was suggested
        2. Chris makes a motion to have 2 sponsorships per team with an option to delegate excess scholarships to another team pending board approval and a spot on the registration for someone to donate towards, Skylar seconds, ALL IN FAVOR
    5. Coach’s/Parent meeting
      1. Have as soon as possible and start registering
        1. Identify a manager
          1. Work with scheduling (other clubs for game times)
          2. Fees- if collecting- identifying what they are for and break up the fees amongst the players
          3. Coach/parent do not pay for the tournaments- pay for it through the team
          4. Open up an account
            1. Any fundraising goes into that account
            2. Can be used for tournaments, hotels, etc., whatever is decided
            3. At the end of the season, close the account or start at zero
          5. Make sure the parents complete/provide birth certificates and medical releases
  1. Tournaments
    1. Beat the Heat in August, one in December for high school
  2. Names
    1. Skylar makes a motion to make all competitive names Elite, Gabe seconds, ALL IN FAVOR
  3. Hosting 3v3 tournament
    1. Dustin would like to have a 3v3 tournament
      1. To try to supplement the loss from the state tournament shortage
      2. Send out a survey to check for interest
      3. Suggest make a 3v3 tournament and come register for rec
    2. Soccer golf
  4. Adjournment: Skylar makes motion to adjourn at

10:14, Julie seconds, ALL IN FAVOR

Next meeting will be on July 5

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