March 2, 2022 7:30 pm

Minutes for WSC Board Meeting

March 2, 2022 7:30 pm

City Hall

  1. Call to Order:  Nikki makes a motion to begin meeting at 7:41 pm, Petra seconds, ALL IN FAVOR
    1. Attendance: Joe Bradley, Petra Se, Nolan and Emily Wallace, Jonathan Berrong, Clint Scott, Chris and Nikki Schmitz and Ray and Kim Long
      1. Guest Brandy Brown 
    2. Approval of previous minutes–  Ray makes a motion to approve previous minutes, Chris seconds, ALL IN FAVOR
    3. Financial Review
      1. Current balance- $40,390.46
        1. Purchased goals for approximately $2,100
        2. Chris makes amotion to approve financials, Nikki seconds, ALL IN FAVOR
  1. Balances to be reviewed
    1. Balances
      1. OSA- $936 for 312 players at $3 per player
        1. Nikki makes a motion to pay the OSA balance, Ray seconds, ALL IN FAVOR
      2. 66 Ink for jerseys
        1. Waiting on balance
      3. Field painting
        1. Braden Hinton (4 hours) and Joe Bradley (6 hours)
  2. Chris makes a motion to pay Braden and Joe $20/ hour, Ray seconds, ALL IN FAVOR

b. 5013c

I. Awaiting confirmation from Casey Merryman

  1. Spring 2022
    1. Schedule March 5 (Weatherford), April 2nd (Elk), April 9th at Clinton, April 16 (in house)
    2. Reschedules
      1. We will allow Brandy Brown to reschedule this time. She will play in Elk City on a designated date and she will pay the ref out of pocket
    3. Field Marshalls
      1. Wear bright colors to be easily spotted to help as needed
    4. Keys
      1. Joe will get copies made for lights and keep in the concession for us to use when needed
    5. March 5
      1. Needs completed
        1. Goals
        2. Signs
        3. Trash
        4. Flags
    6. Tournament
      1. Photo Banner
        1. Hang banner by picnic tables for photo opportunities
      2. Photographer
        1. Should have someone reaching out for team pictures 
        2. Photographers out there to take pictures of the teams
      3. Medals
        1. Give medal for 1st place and 2nd place with one team trophy for 1st place
        2. Each medal is about $6, total is $3000 for medals and about $700 for trophies
      4. Invite u14 teams
    7. T-shirt printing
      1. Brandy Brown will print shirts at the tournament
  1. Referee Assignor
    1. Ref status
      1. April 23rd – we need refs from other towns because it is prom weekend
    2. Resignation
      1. Emily informed us that this will be her final season as Referee Assignor
  2. Coach Education
    1. Coaches
      1. Coaches’ meeting
        1. Background check
        2. Hand outs
        3. Follow up meeting after first festival
        4. Handout with all the details, including reschduling
      2. Coach communication
        1. Keep GroupMe as app
        2. Virtual meeting option
        3. Deadlines need to be set and enforced
        4. A checklist of things they must complete
    2. High School Night
      1. Teams can sign up to field balls at high school games
      2. March 7, High school is having “pack the stands” for rec
  1. Website
    1. Add parent link for gotsport on website
  1. Futsal Season
    1. Need to purchase
      1. Goals and balls
        1. $6,000-$7,000 worth of goals, Joe will check prices and put final cost in GroupMe to be voted upon
    2. Registration
      1. Open registration
        1. M, T, Th practices and games on weekends
        2. All ages through adults
  2. Practices
    1. Need to encourage more movement and less standing in line
    2. Reach out and help the coaches take a different approach
  1. Adjournment
    1. Nikki makes a motion to adjourn at 10:29, Kim seconds, ALL IN FAVOR
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