Minutes for WSC Board Meeting – April 3, 2024, 7:30 PM

Minutes for WSC Board Meeting
April 3, 2024, 7:30 pm
City Hall

I. Call to Order: Nikki makes a motion to start the meeting at 7:37 pm, Skylar
seconds, ALL IN FAVOR
a. Attendance: Joe Bradley, Ray and Kim Long, Chris and Nikki Schmitz,
Chase Hunsicker, Shamus Moore, Jonathan Rainey, Amanda Currier,
Jenna Lockstone, Gabe Ferrell, Jeff Macha, Cole Huber and Skylar
b. Previous Minutes-Ray makes a motion to approve previous minutes with
the date correction of March 6, Skylar seconds, ALL IN FAVOR
c. Financial Reviews
i. Current balance- $41,454.95

  1. Nikki makes a motion to approve financials, Shamus
    seconds, ALL IN FAVOR
    ii. Outstanding balances
  2. $250 GotSport
  3. $146.50 (March) & $95.00 (April) for OSA
  4. Referees
    a. Amanda will send Kim a list
    b. Can we set up direct deposits for refs?
    c. Use Arbiter to track and pay refs?
  5. Paint Sprayer Repair
    a. Skyler said that it should cost about $600 or less to fix

II. TOPSoccer
a. Schedule
i. April 12 and April 19
ii. April 16 is WSC night and TOPSoccer
b. Jersey Status
i. Ordered
c. Volunteers
d. Feather Flags
i. Shamus makes a motion to purchase 2 feather flags for a total of
$400, Ray seconds, ALL IN FAVOR

III. Website/Communication
a. Update play dates
b. Help with website and pictures
c. Sponsorship on app is needed
d. Take off Tournament of Champions
e. Skylar makes a motion to order brochures and registration yard signs for
approximately $500, Shamus seconds, ALL IN FAVOR
f. Sponsorships
i. We’ve had a few new ones come in
IV. Fundraiser and Capital Improvement Projects
a. Donations

i. Field Signs

  1. Looking at different options for field signs with sponsor logos

b. Facility Improvements
i. Kubota and Storage

  1. Option to purchase a Kubota with top dressing and
    attachments for $4,000-$5,000
    ii. Supplies
  2. Ray makes a motion to purchase corner flags, bungee balls
    and clips for about $400, Shamus seconds ALL IN FAVOR

c. New Banners
i. Order new field numbers for $40 per field

V. Recreational
a. Festival Dates
i. April 13 Clinton
ii. April 20 Weatherford

  1. Concession stand sign-ups
  2. Purchase more supplies
  3. We will need to get fields, nets, signs, etc. ready the week of
    the 20th
    iii. April 27 Elk City
    iv. May 4-5 End of Season in Clinton
    b. Proposed Tournament Formats
    i. This would allow for other teams to come here
    ii. 2 games and a finalists
    iii. Tournament Director
  4. Ray makes a motion to have Ryan Bradley be the
    Tournament Director, Nikki seconds, ALL IN FAVOR
    c. Ray makes a motion to move to travel recreational for U11 and up, Nikki
    seconds, ALL IN FAVOR
    d. Uniforms link
    i. 66 Ink said it went pretty well with it being the first season ordering
    this way
    e. Apparel Link
    i. Have Brandon set up a store to order apparel, decals, etc.
    f. Complaints
    i. One team was a little rough and had the coach instructing too much
    during the game.

VI. U6 Games
a. April 4, 8, 11, 15, 18, 22, 25
i. End of Season event on April 29 th with U4s and U6s
b. Suggestions
i. Have them start showing up at 6:00 and practice for 20 minutes
and then play their game

VII. Futsal Summer
a. Tuesdays and Thursdays for April and part of May are reserved for

b. Registration is open
c. Futsal Tournament
i. End of season July 26, 27, 28 with outside teams

VIII. Competitive/Academy
a. Try-Out Date June 1 st
b. ID Camps (May 13, 18) May 23 reschedule date if needed
c. Coaching Staff
i. Adam Fowler (Staff Team Coach)

  1. Help with 4 teams
  2. Chris makes a motion to hire Adam Fowler for $800/month
    for 10 months with a contract and job description, Ray
    seconds, ALL IN FAVOR
    ii. Jackson Shirkey (Team Coach)
  3. 1-2 teams
    iii. Manny Lujan (Team Coach)
  4. 1-2 teams depending on availability
    iv. Cole Huber would like to get certified and help out
    d. Competitive Board
    i. Tabled but need to be deciding how we want this to work
    e. Techne App
    i. Training App
    ii. Check on pricing
    f. Training
    i. GK Training
    g. Player Fees
    i. Competitive
  5. Team Registration with OSA
  6. Refs
  7. GotSport fee – team and player
  8. Field prep (painting, nets, goals, etc)
  9. Equipment
    a. Skylar makes a motion to approve the registration fee
    of $250, Chase seconds, ALL IN FAVOR
    i. Split payments of half due in June and half due
    in August

ii. Academy

  1. Chris makes a motion to make academy a yearlong
    commitment for $150, Skylar seconds, ALL IN FAVOR

h. Summer Camp
i. Summer 2025 for overnight

  1. Hosted at SWOSU where teams can stay in the dorms
  2. Bring in ODP coaches
  3. Get food donated
  4. We would organize it
  5. Organize friendlies
    ii. Summer 2024 evenings
  6. August 1 st , 2 nd 3 rd at 7:00pm
  7. Tabled

i. Uniforms
i. Forever Faith

  1. Abe sends his stuff here with logo and 66 Ink will finish
  2. Open Store
  3. Need to have a meeting with Abe

IX. Referee
a. Referee Clinic
i. Clinton is hosting a clinic on the 14 th
b. Weekends we need refs
i. April 20 th for festival
ii. April 27 th competitive and academy (~9 teams)
c. Referee Mentors
i. Have them at the next festival

X. Adult League
a. Director
i. Need to find one
b. Registrar
c. Games
i. 7v7 on the 9v9 field
ii. Festival or tournament weekend with other adult leagues
iii. 3 refs or minimum of 2

XI. WSC Board
a. Members up for election or new ones that would like to run
i. Gabe would like to be moved to “at-large”
b. June 5 th is the annual election
i. June 5 th banquet/award ceremony

  1. Recognize male and female athlete
  2. Referee
  3. Coach
  4. Admin

XII. Adjournment- Nikki makes a motion to adjourn at 11:02, Skyler seconds,
Next meeting Wednesday, May 1 st at 7:30 at City Hall
Discuss competitive coaching list at next meeting

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