Minutes for WSC Board Meeting – January 3, 2024, 7:30 PM

Minutes for WSC Board Meeting
January 3, 2024, 7:30 pm
City Hall

I. Call to Order: Shamus makes a motion to start the meeting at 7:11 pm, Chase
seconds, ALL IN FAVOR
a. Attendance: Joe Bradley, Ray and Kim Long, Chris and Nikki Schmitz,
Erin Hinton, Chase Hunsicker, Jenna Lockstone, Shamus Moore, Dustin
Michaels, and Amanda Currier
i. Guests: Jared Martinez, Randa Castleberry, and Jeff Macha
b. Previous minutes
i. Erin makes a motion to approve previous minutes, Chase seconds,
c. Financial Reviews
i. Balance $$45,643.26

  1. Outstanding balances
    a. GotSport $250
    b. Pay painters
    i. Jackson- 5 hours, Alfredo, Alex, Jose, Hector,
    Jaden and Little Joe- 8 hours
    ii. Nikki makes a motion to pay the above people
    for painting, Shamus seconds, ALL IN FAVOR
    ii. Chris makes a motion to approve financials, Nikki seconds, ALL IN
    II. Keeper Training
    a. Shamus makes a motion to pay Jose $20 an hour for Keeper training and
    player will pay $5 per session, Chris seconds, ALL IN FAVOR

III. TOPSoccer
a. March 2 nd – 10 participants, expecting approximately 30 in the future
b. Jerseys
i. Forever Faith will give us a number for cost of jerseys
c. March 8 at 6:00 in Futsal
d. April 12 th and April 19 th
IV. Website/Communication
a. Update play dates
b. Brochures- working on
c. Promoting- working on
d. Banners field numbers- order new ones for fall
V. Recreational
a. Jerseys
i. Some had to buy at concession
b. Registrations

i. Late registrations change to full rosters
c. Festivals
i. No games March 9
ii. Next games April 13 in Clinton
iii. April 20 th in Weatherford- help Jenna with concession
iv. Field prep for April 20 th festival
v. April 27 th Elk City
vi. May 4 th -5 th End of Season Tournament in Clinton
d. Complaint Committee
i. Members

  1. Jeff Macha will join the complaint committee.
    ii. Complaint
  2. Parent wants a refund because the practice times are
    a. Erin makes a motion to deny refund Chris seconds,
  3. Another parent wanted a refund due to practice times
    a. Chris makes a motion to deny refund, Ray seconds,

e. Concession
i. People from Lawton will be here to let us sample ice cream to see if
we want to sell at concession

VI. U6
a. Dates March 11, 25, 28, April 1, 4, 8, 11, 15,18,22,25
b. End of Season Event
i. Will not interfere with Spring Break or Burcham Carnival

VII. Futsal
a. Updates
i. Will build season for registration.
b. Season Dates
i. June 1 st – August
VIII. Coaching education
a. Competitive Meetings
i. Held every Sunday
b. MBP
i. Free for a year for all coaches- double checking on this

IX. Competitive/Academy
a. Try-Outs Dates
i. Week of June 1 st
ii. ID Camp in May

b. Academy Girls
i. U8 Girl Academy teams are entered in Academy and will play over
a few weekends.
c. Academy Boys
i. Erin will find some helpers for his teams.
d. Coaches
i. At next meeting, would like to discuss coach selection for
competitive teams.

e. Player Contract
i. For next competitive season, discuss and have a contract about the
commitment to the team. We will not be releasing players due to
wanting to move back to rec.

X. Referee
a. Mentor refs
i. Mentor refs from sidelines
b. Renewing certifications
i. Working on getting refs to get recertification done
c. Feedback
i. Board members give feedback
d. Scheduling
i. The earlier Amanda knows about the games, the earlier she can
reach out to refs

XI. Adjournment
a. Dustin makes a motion to adjourn at 8:26, Kim seconds, ALL IN FAVOR

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