November 2, 2022 at 7:45 pm

Weatherford Soccer Club

Board Meeting

November 2, 2022 at 7:45 pm

Weatherford City Hall

  1. Call to Order-  Skylar makes a motion to begin meeting at 7:48, Shamus seconds, ALL IN FAVOR
    1. Attendance: Joe Bradley, Shamus Moore, Amanda Currier, Skylar Rigsby, Gabe Ferrell, Jonathan Rainey, Sarah Nicholas, Erin Hinton, Julie Bradley, Ray and Kim Long, and Chris and Nikki Schmitz
      1. Guest: Melissa Sharry and Nolan Wallace
  1. Feedback
    1. Clinton
      1. Teams not showing up
        1. We will talk to Lucas about this
      2. Teams not having enough players
      3. Refs 
      4. Field lines- non existent
    2. Team numbers
      1. Players not showing up due to other sports and our teams not having enough players
    3. Festivals
      1. They went pretty well at Elk City and Weatherford
        1. Needed more refs at Elk
  2. Start of Meeting 
    1. Review previous minutes
      1. Skylar makes a motion to approve previous minutes, Shamus seconds, ALL IN FAVOR
    2. Financial Review
      1. Current Balance $29,114.14
        1. Sarah makes a motion to approve financials, Shamus seconds, ALL IN FAVOR
      2. Concession
        1. 1st tournament -$1,300 
        2. 2nd festival $850-$1000 
        3. We are working on ways to make sure all money is accounted for from concessions (hoping to use square account more instead of cash)
          1. Square will keep track of what is sold
    3. Outstanding Balance
      1. Field Maintenance (Painting)
        1. Drake -2 hours
        2. Braden- 7.5 hours
        3. Joe- 18 hours
          1. Shamus makes a motion to approve payment for field painting, Skylar seconds, ALL IN FAVOR
  1. Committees
    1. Dispute
    2. Tournament
      1. Field marshals 
    3. Safety
      1. Sprinkler holes
        1. City has been good about filling them when requested
    4. Donations
    5. Field
      1. Get something to prevent balls from going into other spaces (ex. rodeo grounds, golf course)
  2. Uniforms
    1. Chris will reach out to 66 Ink about uniforms before spring season
  3. TopSoccer
    1. December 10
      1. We would like to request the facility for December 10th for TopSoccer
      2. We will spread the word to SPED students and in neighboring communities (we will have fliers to hand out)
      3. 8:00-9:00 set up, 9:00-12:00 coach course, 1:00-3:00 Parent/Player
        1. We will have someone from TopSoccer to help with the above
  4. Futsal
    1. Winter 1
      1. Registration status
        1. Coed teams
        2. Lottery style with no team requests
        3. Future options
          1. Age groups on certain nights
          2. Pay as you play
          3. Advertise via paid ad on Facebook
          4. More transparency of plans
            1. Lottery style, coed, etc
      2. Academy/Training
        1. We don’t have it scheduled for this season but can schedule it for next season
    2. Winter 2
      1. Post Registration
        1. Close to December, we will open registration and advertise
      2. Start season in January
        1. Set up similar to winter 1 depending on numbers
        2. Hoping to have enough adults to do an open league day for adults
      3. Tournament (Feb. 23-25)
        1. High School
          1. This will be outside of Futsal season and coaches can bring teams to participate
          2. Energy teams will be coming
        2. Tabling this until next time
        3. Skylar makes a motion to have an open tournament where people from anywhere can bring their team to play, 
  5. Referee Status
    1. Futsal rules
      1. No pass backs to goalies
    2. Futsal scheduled payment for referee
      1. Continue with how we did it this summer
    3. Game Card
      1. Use GotSport like fall season
  6. Coaching Education
    1. Class
      1. Winter break
        1. Joe will reach out to Adam about hosting a course
  7. Competitive
    1. Game this Saturday, November 5
    2. Tryouts will start in January/February for the fall season
      1. Hoping to have several competitive teams
  8. Academy
    1. Spring season
      1. Wants the academy night to be used as a tool 
      2. Get to know what your kids need better
    2. Start date 2-27-22
    3. Coaches

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