October 4, 2023, 7:30 PM

Minutes for WSC Board Meeting

October 4, 2023, 7:30 pm

City Hall

  1. Call to Order:  Nikki makes a motion to start the meeting at 8:31pm, Shamus seconds, ALL IN FAVOR
    1.  Attendance: Joe and Julie Bradley, Skylar Rigsby, Gabe Ferrell, Shamus Moore, Chase Hunsicker, Erin Hinton, Clint Scott, Dustin Michaels, Jonathan Rainey, Cole Huber, Amanda Currier, Ray and Kim Long and Chris and Nikki Schmitz
    2. Guest: Terry Sims, Richard Marquez, Marshall Huser, Peyton Wallace, and Tyler Smith
    3. Previous Minutes Skylar makes a motion to approve previous minutes, Chris seconds, ALL IN FAVOR
  2. Recreational Coaches
    1. Festival weekends
      1. Intent was to have no academy games during festival weekends so that academy players can play on the recreational teams during festivals.
    2. Academy
      1. Extra charges for uniforms
      2. Be lenient on practices since they are playing in 2 leagues- some may have up to 4 practices a week
      3. OSA schedules Academy, WSC schedules recreational
      4. Games
      5. When having to travel farther away, reach out to other coaches to see if you can get another game in so you aren’t’ driving all that way for one game
    3. Player development
      1. Focus on learning positions
        1. Builds training around psychological aspect of the players- developmentally appropriate
      2. MBP helps with breaking down the game 
  3. Review
    1. Previous Minutes
      1. Skylar makes a motion to approve previous minutes, Shamus seconds, ALL IN FAVOR
    2. Financial Reviews
      1. Current balance- $51,324
    3. Outstanding Balances
      1. OSA fees- $5,099
      2. GotSport- $1,025, $650 due now
      3. 66 Ink- $3,069
        1. Skylar makes a motion to pay above fees, Erin seconds, ALL IN FAVOR
      4. Painting fields
        1. Joe 4.5 hours, Drake 3 hours @ $20 an hour
          1. Skylar makes a motion to approve paying Joe and Drake, Erin seconds, ALL IN FAVOR
          2. Shamus makes a motion to move to a standing approval for hours spent painting is turned in to Kim and we pay, Erin seconds, ALL IN FAVOR
  4. TOPSoccer
    1. 9/29- Kickoff event
      1. Great turnout for initial event
    2. 10/20- Session 1, 11/3- Session 2, 11/10- Session 3, 11/17- Session 4
    3. Uniforms
      1. Design a uniform for TOPSoccer and Forever Faith will make them for free
  5. Website/Communication
    1. Online purchase order
      1. Go in app, put what you want with your name, submit and it goes to the Board GroupMe, and we can vote
  6. Fundraiser/Capital Improvements
    1. Donations/Sponsors
      1. Some are wanting field signs; how do we want to do that with mowing/maintenance?
        1. Sleeves in ground that are removable
    2. Improvements
      1. We have approval to paint the fences black, a sidewalk to the concession and a shed for storage
  7. Referee
    1. Ref Clinic
      1. 24 participants attended
        1. From Weatherford, Elk City, Woodward, Clinton and Bixby
        2. 8-9 Weatherford certified
      2. Hosting another clinic in the spring
    2. Mentor Program
      1. Older refs working with younger refs
    3. Referee Evaluations
      1. Provide feedback on refs
    4. Rewarding Referees
      1. Assign Stronger referees the better, higher paying games
    5. Identifying situations
      1. Refs can address it and give a minute to leave (with bad language or extensive yelling) or the team forfeit
    6. Professionalism
      1. Dress appropriately as a ref- uniform tucked in, black shorts, back socks, black shoes
    7. Reimbursement for Course
      1. Must ref 5 games before being reimbursed
  8. Coaching Education
    1. Competitive Meetings
      1. Every Sunday evening
        1. Trying to have guests to help get different perspectives or more specific information
    2. MBP
      1. Sessions are weekly but are available after they have aired
        1. Lots of resources and information
    3. Rise Coach
      1. Would like to ask him to come out and train with us 
  9. Recreational
    1. Jerseys
      1. Send link when they register, and they will order through 66 Ink
    2. Team sizes
      1. Over max roster on several teams but after all the late registrations, we have too big of teams
      2. One option is to split teams once it gets too large
    3. Scheduling
      1. Host clubs schedule their festival weekend
        1. Oct. 21- Elk City
        2. Oct. 28- Clinton
    4. Registration cost increase
      1. Ray makes a motion to increase fees to $60, Chris seconds, ALL IN FAVOR
      2. Nikki makes a motion for a $40 late fee, Skylar seconds, ALL IN FAVOR
  10. U6 Games
    1. Group play Monday
      1. Been going well
      2. Wants to have a little round robin with them at the end of the season and hand out our leftover medals
      3. Coaches have been helping
  11. Futsal Winter 1-2
    1. Registration
      1. Fee is $55
    2. Season
      1. Open play for first season is suggested
        1. Talk with the guy from Rise to see how they organize
        2. See if Jonathan can create a sign up to play during times and when that slot is full, they must go to another time
      2. Final decision will be determined by registration numbers
  12. Competitive
    1. Scheduling and field availability
      1. One person in charge of doing this
      2. Put information into GroupMe
      3. Shamus to be the point of contact will oversee dropping games into the schedule. If a change needs to change times, direct message Shamus
      4. Amanda will go off the schedule to assign referees
    2. Moving Venues
      1. Must go through OSA if moving venue
        1. Coach will contact Pauletta and copy Shamus in the email
    3. Club Pass
      1. Go through Chris for club pass
    4. Games this weekend
      1. One team having an issue with scheduling, they will message the team and ask if they want to forfeit and will message Pauletta
      2. U11 and U10 games on Saturday and one on Sunday 
    5. Coaches
      1. Coaches must be board approved
      2. Roster changes are board approved
    6. Uniforms
      1. Forever Faith store is open
        1. Warm up sizes- Adult sizes were provided; adjust youth sizes based on the adult sizes
        2. Send updated orders to Chris and we will send it to Abe. 
        3. Teams need to let Chris know when their sizes are ready
    7. UGKA
      1. Need participation to get cheaper time
    8. ODP
      1. Nov. 4th and 5th in Tulsa
      2. Great experience for players to gain experience with different coaches and have more training opportunities
      3. Gives players more exposure
  13. Academy
    1. Games this weekend
  14. New Business
    1. Shamus will be calling EZ UP to get new parts for the tents
    2. Skylar brings up helping each other coach

Next meeting will be Nov. 1st

Adjournment– Nikki makes a motion to adjourn at 11:05, Gabe seconds, ALL IN FAVOR

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