October 5, 2022 at 7:30 pm

Weatherford Soccer Club

Board Meeting

October 5, 2022 at 7:30 pm

Weatherford City Hall

  1. Call to Order- Nikki makes a motion to begin meeting at 7:39, Chris seconds, ALL IN FAVOR
    1. Attendance: Joe Bradley, Shamus Moore, Amanda Currier, Ray and Kim Long, and Chris and Nikki Schmitz
      1. Guests: Gabe Ferrell, Skylar Rigsby, Erin Hinton and Jonathan Rainey
  2. Start of Meeting 
    1. Review previous minutes
      1. Chris makes a motion to approve previous minutes, Shamus seconds, ALL IN FAVOR
    2. Financial Review
      1. Current Balance $37,946.57
        1. Activity statement
          1. $-3,853.57 Net
        2. Concessions
          1. $1,308 profit (spent $1,543)
  3. Balances to be reviewed
    1. Balances
      1. Pay GotSport
        1. $354 outstanding balance
    2. OSA fees
      1.  $4,667 outstanding balance
    3. 66 Ink
      1. $4,272 outstanding balance
    4. Tournament Fees to GotSport
      1. $645 outstanding balance
    5. Chris makes a motion to approve payment amounts mentioned above, Shamus seconds, ALL IN FAVOR
    6. Painting field employee pay
      1. Drake (4 hours) and Joe (8 hours)
        1. Nikki makes a motion to pay Drake and Joe for painting the fields, Shamus seconds, ALL IN FAVOR
  4. Uniform Status
    1. Outcome
      1. We ordered a bulk order prior to season and have quite a few left over
    2. Future Plan
      1. Chris will address issues with 66 Ink and have coaches take the jerseys to 66 Ink and get the numbers if they need/want them for tournaments
  5. Registration Futsal
    1. Deadline
      1. October 14 is the deadline (may have to push this date back)
    2. Uniforms
      1. Targets or team coordinates colors
    3. Tournament
      1. Winter season 1
        1. 8 games in total
      2. Winter Season 2
        1. Open tournament in February 17, 18 and 19 
        2. Host high school tournament (end of Jan.)
  6. Tournament Outcome
    1. Things that went well
      1. Refs did pretty well
    2. Referee
      1. Use seasoned refs or the ones that have been doing well for championship games
      2. Have refs hold their calls until play continues when fouls or other incidents occur
      3. Refs do not need to chase the ball and place it each time for the younger kids
      4. Have the refs ask the kids what the call is (younger ages especially) to help teach them the game
      5. Have evaluation form to evaluate refs
    3. Things to improve
      1. Need more dumpsters
  7. Festival 10-8-22
    1. Concession
      1. Scheduling concession staffing
        1. Kim reached out to Kaytie Caywood and she will schedule via sign-up genius
      2. Restocking
        1. Gave and Jennifer will take inventory and purchase anything else that is needed
    2. Teams
      1. 5 Cordell, 9 Elk City, 18 Clinton, and 28 Weatherford
      2. 58 games in total
    3. Scheduling
      1. 2 hour blocks for u10 and u12 and separated males and females into “zones”
      2. Elk City and Cordell had specific request for afternoon games
      3. Games will end after 8:00pm and begin at 8:00 am
    4. Field Setup
      1. Field 13 and 6-11 will be painted October 6
      2. Work on fields Friday
    5. Referees
      1. Meeting/rest area
        1. Tent near the fence for the refs to sit under (may try to get some with sides for the tents)
      2. Food/Hydration
      3. Evaluation
        1. Board members complete the evaluation forms for refs as available
    6. Field Marshals
      1. Shamus will set up designated time slots for marshals
  8. Upcoming Festivals
    1. Elk City (10-22)
      1. Deadline to decline is 10-12
    2. Clinton (10-29)
      1. Deadline to decline is 10-19
    3. Follow-up meeting with Western Oklahoma Clubs November 9th
    4. Spring Schedule
      1. Host an open season tournament in the spring
  9. Referees
    1. Status
      1. 17 refs for this weekend that have completed form
    2. Assignor
      1. Waiting to hear back about status
    3. Assessment/Evaluation
      1. Have forms for board to evaluate refs (possibly)
    4. Expectations for all refs appearance and professionalism
      1. Tuck in shirts, pull up socks, black shoes and black socks
    5. Game cards
      1. Must sign and be turned in before receiving payment
    6. Reimbursement for referee certification
      1. Need to pay approximately $1,800 for reimbursement
    7. Approve Amanda’s pay
      1. Chris makes a motion to pay Amanda $700 for fall season, Nikki seconds, ALL IN FAVOR
    8. Paying refs
      1. Email to parent and/or ref with hours and amount earned
  10. Coach Education
    1. Clinic
      1. Tentatively the 2nd weekend of November as an extension of previous course (7v7 and 9v9)
    2. Coaching Mentorship
      1. Joe is using the Academy nights as a tool by posting the lesson plans
    3. Competitive
      1. Team
        1. 2-2 for season
        2. Cosmos tournament- came in 2nd
  11. Academy
    1. Recap from coaches’ meeting
      1. Age groups have been fluctuating in numbers but a good turn out each time
    2. Objective
      1. Kids are learning moves that the coaches may not know. The main focus is footwork
      2. Wanting to get coaches more comfortable and having coaches working together
    3. Tournaments
      1. Would like to see teams that are going to tournaments to register Academy, possibly
  12. Future events
    1. Spring Tournaments
      1. March 4 opening tournament
    2. Festival weekends for Spring
      1. Tentative dates March 4, March 25, April 1, April 15 and April 29 end of season tournament
  13. Adding members to the board
    1. Chris makes a motion to add Skylar Rigsby, Gabe Ferrell, Erin Hinton and Jonathan Rainey as At Large members of the board, Nikki seconds, ALL IN FAVOR
  14. Next meeting is November 2nd, 7:30pm
  15. Nikki makes a motion to adjourn at 9:33 pm, Chris seconds, ALL IN FAVOR

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