September 7, 2022, 8:00 pm

Minutes for WSC Board Meeting

September 7, 2022, 8:00 pm

City Hall

  1. Call to Order:  Nikki makes a motion to begin meeting at 8:20 pm, Chris seconds, ALL IN FAVOR
    1.  Attendance: Joe and Julie Bradley, Shamus Moore, Amanda Currier, Jonathan Berrong, Chris and Nikki Schmitz and Sarah Nicholas, Ray and Kim Long via zoom
      1. Guests: Erin Hinton, Gabe Ferrell
  2. Start of Meeting
    1. Review previous minutes
      1. Chris makes a motion to approve previous minutes, Sarah seconds, ALL IN FAVOR
    2. Financial review
      1. Shamus makes a motion to approve the financials, Nikki seconds, ALL IN FAVOR
      2. GotSport
        1. Owe $825 to GotSport for spring tournament
        2. $1,644 charge (registration for Futsal?) OSA
          1. Total balance $1908
      3. QuickBooks
        1. Is set up and running but Kim has to go back and input information
          1. Need to get 1099s to refs. Kim will get with Amanda to go back on refs.
      4. Current Balance $39,908.80
        1. Ledger
          1. The expenditure of $1,420 has to be broken down by ref since we ran out of checks and had to pay cash. Kim is still going to go back and break this down by ref.
          2. Kim will itemize and memo the donations
  3. Balances to be reviewed
    1. Pay GotSport (see above)
    2. OSA (see above)
    3. 66 Ink
      1. We have more than enough jerseys in stock, so we will just pay for numbers
    4. Refunds
      1. Refund U4s and the older kids that didn’t have an available team
      2. Refunds for those that decided not to play
        1. Votes for refunds for players asking for them due to other reasons
          1. Julie Bradley-Nay, Chris Schmitz- Nay, Nikki Schmitz- Nay, Amanda Currier- Nay, Jonathan Berrong-Nay, Shamus Moore-Nay, Ray Long-Nay, Kim Long-Nay, and Sarah Nicholas-Nay
    5. Nikki makes a motion to pay Joe for 8 hours of painting, Shamus seconds, ALL IN FAVOR
  4. Website
    1. Rules of FIFA
      1. App for the ifab
    2. Email response
      1. Jonathan will require a topic to be chosen so the emails can filter to the correct people and we can reply
    3. Field signs for coaches/players
      1. We have these signs ordered
    4. Other tournaments
      1. Put a link on the website for other tournaments
    5. Field map between field 1 and 2
      1. Adding an inch to make it bigger
    6. Set up apparel orders
      1. Link from our site to 66 Ink and they will fulfill the order
        1. Give option of Adidas or Under Armor
        2. Open it up as soon as possible
    7. Updating board members
  5. Fundraising
    1. Donors
      1. We had several come in on the registration. We will send out the forms and order banners as we hear back from people.
    2. Field signs (triangle portable pop ups)
      1. Price the pop-ups and “feather” signs for parking, concession, restroom, etc.
        1. Do we want tournament sponsors?
  6. Registration
    1. Turn out
      1. We had approximately 360 register
      2. Building teams
      3. Coaches being misinformed
        1. A coach reaching out to parents saying that players were not on their team before being assigned and mis-informing parents
        2. Need to let each member do their designated job
  7. Future Registrations
    1. Suggestions:
      1. Remove requests and only use family members (family members/extenuating circumstances) pending board approval
      2. Build registration for each group (ref, coach, rec and competitive)
      3. Proposal: Lottery pick for teams each season (Futsal too)
        1. 49% or more of team must return to retain team
        2. All new players go lottery
        3. Option to have the choice of returning to the same team, if select no, then they go into the lottery
    2. Shamus makes a motion to approve above changes, Chris seconds, ALL IN FAVOR
  1. Tournament
    1. Concession
      1. Committee
        1. U6 nights- chips, candy and drinks
        2. Gabe volunteers to coordinate volunteers for working the concession and helping with donations
        3. Erin Hinton volunteers to smoke the pulled pork
        4. Sarah will reach out to Bar S and United for a box of hotdogs and buns
      2. Shifts
        1. Each coach responsible for 2 shifts during the tournament and 1 shift for festival weekend
      3. Inventory
        1. We will check inventory and make a list
        2. Follow up on Monday
    2. Teams
      1. Submit teams tomorrow
    3. Scheduling
      1. We will push out deadline so that other clubs can register
      2. Joe will post the schedule the Friday a week before schedule, clubs can look for conflicts, final schedule that Monday
    4. Pictures
      1. Steve Wheeler
        1. Flat fee- need to find out how long we would need him 3 hours
          1. It has been $250 for high school games (3 hours)
          2. Shamus makes a motion to hire Steve Wheeler for 3 hours for $250, Nikki seconds, ALL IN FAVOR
            1. Pictures from 8 am – 11 am, team pictures at the beginning and then action shots of the teams
          3. Sarah will reach out to Jonathan about a QR code to scan or something to send photos to for a photo contest
    5. Safety
      1. See checklist – needs to be completed within a week
        1. Fill holes, fix nets, add new field numbers to back of nets for Field 3 and 5, mark field 13 and 2 (paint has been mixed up), anchor goals
          1. Sarah will let us know if she needs help coordinating anchor set ups
            1. Little goals can have 1 anchor if we are short
            2. Have rebar and corkscrew anchors
        2. Shamus makes a motion to pay the Risk management fee of $25 for OSA, Chris seconds, ALL IN FAVORS
    6. Dispute/complaint committee
      1. Needs to meet and create a plan
        1. Kim will follow up with Jonathan about a form
    7. Tournament rules
      1. On the website
    8. Referees
      1. Meeting/rest area
        1. Would like to see about using Futsal building
        2. Food/hydration
      2. Ray will reach out to the city about using Futsal facility for refs during tournament weekend
    9. Field Marshalls
      1. Sign-up Genius
        1. 1-2/hour slots to help manage sidelines
          1. Parent volunteers
          2. Joe will talk to Julie about setting this up
    10. Medals and table
      1. Set it up Sunday morning and put the wind screens up
      2. Set up tents and have check in table
        1. Nikki will run check in table
    11. Weatherford Festival
      1. Same as tournament
    12. Elk City (10/22)
      1. 10/12 is the deadline to decline
        1. This is fall break so teams may want to opt out but they must notify us
    13. Clinton (10-29)
      1. Deadline is 10-19 to decline
    14. Follow up meeting with Western Oklahoma Clubs tentative for November 9
  2. Concessions
    1. U6
      1. Open up for u6 games for candy and drinks only
  3. Facility Safety
    1. Goal anchoring
      1. In field house/storage
        1. Joe will get keys to people that need them
    2. Holes or unsafe locations
    3. Hazards in complex
    4. Parking -feather banner things for parking
    5. Gates- something to slow kids down from getting to the main road
      1. Ray is going to talk to Trent whenever he gets over COVID about painting crosswalks at the opening
        1. Have Ray talk to the city about changing locks or getting a keypad
        2. Also ask about sprinkler heads on field 1 that need raised
        3. Talk to Trent/the city about fixing field 2- what can we do in the short term? Lots of stickers, some parts are great. The club is more than willing to help out (a truck load of dirt for example)
    6. Safety form submitted status
  4. Referee
    1. Status
      1. We have 26 certified
      2. Creating a Google form to see availability for refs, comfort level for positions
    2. Clinic
    3. Assignor
      1. She has reached out to Jeremy but is awaiting to hear back
    4. Assessment/Evaluation
      1. Create a form to evaluate/assess the refs (flag management, whistle management, preparation)
        1. Erin suggests telling the regs that if they are referring on Sunday then it means they were doing a good job
    5. Expectations for all refs appearance
      1. Black socks pulled up, black shorts, ref shirt and tucked in- look professional
    6. Referee meeting
      1. Will have it sometime next week- possibly the 15th
    7. Safety Concerns
      1. None at this time
    8. Futsal Rules
      1. Amanda has the rules for Futsal
        1. Basic game rules
          1. We need to have our own set up rules
          2. Once keeper releases ball, the keeper cannot pick up the ball again unless a change of possession occurs
          3. Scores can’t be made directly from corner kick
          4. Can’t throw past half
        2. Will post the rules to the GroupMe
  5. Coach Education
    1. Clinic
      1. Opportunities to observe other coaches
      2. Build on the course that Adam started with parent involvement
        1. Look at hosting in the Spring or summer
  6. Competitive
    1. Registration
      1. 18 rostered
    2. Upcoming Games and Tournaments
      1. 1st game is this weekend up in Tulsa
      2. Will play here in our tournament
    3. Field Usage
      1. Using field 1 and communicating with Tommy. Using field 2 for practice
      2. We need new goals for field 2 but would like to discuss going in on them with Soccer Boosters.
  7. Academy
    1. Recap from coaches meeting
      1. Establish tournaments that will fit the group
      2. Promoting it as a club
      3. Having a mentorship/partnership will help keep coaches around
      4. Will need help from everyone on staff
    2. Email response
      1. People have been excited about the academy
    3. Objective
      1. Want to get commitment
  8. Checklist
    1. Put in GroupMe what you got done
  9. Next Meeting September 21st at 7:30pm at the fields

Next meeting October 5th at 7:30pm

Adjournment– Nikki makes a motion to adjourn at 11:12, Shamus seconds, ALL IN FAVOR

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