WSC Future Facilities

wsc future in the works

We want to say Thank You for your vote "Yes" to improve our soccer facility. You have seen all the many things the City of Weatherford has done with our past sales tax. Examples would be the construction of the Pioneer Event Center on the SWOSU campus, Main Street improvement, parks, Fire Station, and etc.
We have the opportunity to continue our current sales tax for Weatherford to build a new Police Station, improve Weatherford Hospital, addition to the Allied Health at SWOSU, and improve our Soccer Complex. With the allotted funding we would add more fields, improve playing surface, improve current lighting, and add a indoor facility. We want to say Thank You for your vote as our future is bright with the exciting improvements.
The indoor facility would consist of 2 futsal courts, restrooms, storage, and meeting room.

Stay updated on our progress!

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