Coaches Suggestion Corner

Ages U4

  • Encourage them to be involved
  • Teach them to follow instructions
  • Basic Movements
  • Coordination
  • Introduction to using all parts of the foot and develop basic moves
  • Beginning to instill rules of the game
  • Keep it simple with terminology while coaching
  • Have FUN!!


Ages U6

  • Foot Control
  • Moves
  • Passing
  • Trapping
  • Shooting
  • Teach to follow instructions
  • Start understanding the rules of the game
  • Keep coaching terminology simple
  • Introduction to spacing awareness
  • Must Have FUN!!


Ages U8

  • Being involved and part of a team. Introduction to team focused activities
  • Introduction to position and playing shape within the team for attack along with defense
  • Understanding roles of each player on the team.
  • Expanding technique developing ball control, moves, passing, trapping, and shooting
  • Start to under stand when to defend, transition, and get forward into attack
  • Continue learning rules of the game


Ages U10

  • Final preparation leading to competitive game of soccer or continue having fun in current leage
  • Mastering all basic techniques of the game dribbling, moves, passing, trapping, and shooting.
  • Body control
  • Balance
  • Reacting
  • Team Focus
  • Positioning
  • Work on decision making

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